To our patients

Our mission at Premier Med Healthcare, Training and Research Institute is to provide outstanding service to our patients; to be both professional and humane; to make sure that our patients are well-informed and relaxed when they arrive and satisfied when they depart. Our goal is to make sure that the service our patients receive is the best in terms of professionality and humanity. At our Health Centre we devote our expertise and attention to ensuring your speedy recovery.

The duration of different examinations and treatments may vary and these may last longer than expected. We would like to ensure that you also will receive the time and attention you deserve.

We would like to answer all your questions, therefore we encourage you to consult with our colleagues about the treatments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.


All our treatments are performed without cuts, but the results are equivalent to those of traditional open surgery. Therefore the risk of complications is minimized and the recovery period is significantly shorter, so our patients can resume their everyday activities much sooner.



Varicose vein surgery without cuts

Our institute offers you an alternative: we provide RadioFrequency Ablation therapy backed by equipment and expertise unique in the region to treat benign thyroid nodules (strumas).



Minimum stress for the body

Thanks to the embolization technique available at our institute, the uterus will not be removed, and the treatment causes only minimum stress for the body, as it is performed without anaesthesia and incisions.



Innovative state-of-the-art procedure

As an alternative solution, our Health Centre offers the regionally unique cryoablation therapy (freezing), allowing our patients to have their fibroadenomas treated effectively without being cut or having to go under general anaesthetic.



Minimum waiting time

If you are diagnosed or suspected to have a hormonal disease, at our institute we can reset the hormonal balance in your body and can help you organize further treatment.