Patient reviews


“I am utterly happy to write these lines as a token of our gratitude:

On February 21, 2018, my wife had an operation at your facility. We were amazed by the polite and respectful staff who walked us through the entire procedure; the way we were treated was absolutely exemplary. Your conduct, responsibility, work ethic and good is unparalleled and should be a model for everybody in your profession. Thank you very much!

We would like to thank: Pál Ákos Deák MD who performed the procedure; and Specialist Mónika Sallai MD, Expert assistant Mrs Olga Taskó, Head of institute Katalin Gátay, and coordinators Ildikó Somogyi and Anita Tkálecz.

We wish you well!

Best regards: On behalf of my beloved wife: Sándor Cs.


Dear Professor Deák,

Upon your assistants’ request I would like to share my experiences regarding my thyroid procedure at Premier Med Health Centre.

6 and a half years ago I read in an article that you recognize a thyroid nodule by swallowing in front of a mirror. If the thyroid visibly moves up and down like my Adam’s apple, it means that unfortunately I have a nodule in my thyroid gland.

I was utterly shocked to find that I had this very symptom. Although I had no complaints whatsoever, I decided to see the doctor. As it turned out I had nodules on either side of my thyroid gland. The biggest one was 37 mm in diameter.

The cytology examination showed that the nodules were not malignant.

I consulted a physician who informed me that no medication or diet can cause the nodules to withdraw or to prevent them from growing. Other nodules were also likely to develop later. The doctor told me that if my symptoms were to worsen surgery would be the only solution and I would have to take medication until the end of my life. That was all the hope I had back then.

I tried to accept it and ignore my condition.

7 years went by, I gained a lot of weight. I thought this was why I had problems breathing and swallowing.

But in order to have my driving license extended, I had to use a breathing assisting machine at nights to ensure that I don’t skip a single breath. When the necessary examinations were performed, the doctors told me that the nodule on the left side of my thyroid has grown to 7 cm in size.

This time I once again chanced upon an article on the internet advertising 20% discount for a thyroid nodule removing procedure without cuts.

I found the ad a few days before the deadline, and I called the number immediately.

I received very detailed information about the procedure and they answered all my questions.

Despite the discount, the price I had to pay for the procedure was still rather high for the average pensioner. Still, I made a decision during the first phone conversation: based on the information I received, I believed this was the best way to get rid of the enormous thyroid nodule I had developed.

By the time I turned 70, all the medication, antibiotics and anaesthesia I had received to treat my previous illnesses had worn out my body, and I was convinced that this procedure without cuts and without bleeding would be a piece of cake.

And I was right.

I am happy to say that after the 1 month follow-up examination even my doctor was surprised at the progress I made. At the first examination he admitted that in his experience only a 70% shrinking could be achieved with RFA technology given the size of the nodule.

During the procedure, the professor claimed that he managed to reach the left thyroid lobe under my collar bone, therefore shrinking could be up to 80%. I believe I did my best to cooperate during the procedure. I had to bend my head backwards even more.

We could converse during the procedure, we were listening to some nice music. I would not venture to say that I had a good time, but it was more than bearable. I felt no pain, but an unknown, new sensation, which was rather unusual. I felt some warmth on my head towards the end of the procedure, then the professor paused for a short while. On the lower side of the nodule the anaesthetic did not take effect sufficiently, and the professor gave me a Lidocaine injection. It was great to feel the trust from everybody during the operation, and while cooperating with the staff I felt like one of the team.

I was not helplessly lying on the table, but I could actively participate in the procedure. At the end of the surgery, the assistant escorted me to a designated room where I could have a 2-hour rest. A friend of mine gave me a ride home. At home I could make some vegetable soup for me.

For a few days I applied ice gel to cool the puncture site. On the first week I felt like there was a ball in my throat every time I swallowed, but this feeling quickly abated. I saw only the puncture site, a bit of bruise and a mild swelling for a maximum of 10 days. But the front of my neck had been somewhat swollen before.

When the professor asked me on the follow-up examination one month later how I was feeling, I could hardly say anything. All the symptoms I had ever had seemed so far away then, I completely forgot all the suffering I had gone through.

I am infinitely grateful to the whole medical team for the patience and help, for this gentle procedure and the extremely fast recovery which would have been impossible without the RFA procedure.

It was worth every penny. Highly recommended!

During a routine lab test it turned out that my TSH value is almost immeasurably low. After this an endocrinologist diagnosed a hot (overfunctioning) nodule in my right thyroid lobe.  He offered two possibilities: I could have a surgery or take iodine radioisotope capsules. I made an appointment at the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Honvéd Hospital in Budapest. As I have twelve grandchildren I was anxious how the radioactive material would affect me and my environment.

Finally I decided to find another solution, and it was then that I heard about radiofrequency ablation. I did some research about the procedure, and it became evident that this would be the best option for me. I could make an appointment with Premier G. Med Health Centre in a very short time. Professor Pál Ákos Deák MD welcomed me in a really nice and professional environment, examined me and found that we could ahead with the procedure. I received thorough information (both verbally and in writing) and the procedure took place as planned. It took about 45-50 minutes, in relaxing conditions, and I felt no pain whatsoever. I was monitored for about two and a half hours and then I left the Centre feeling as right as rain.

One month after the surgery I had the follow-up examination, when I could see with my own eyes how the structure of the nodule had changed.  I feel well ever since the surgery.

I can but speak in the highest terms about the kindliness, humaneness and professionalism of the Health Centre’s staff. Professor Pál Ákos Deák MD who performed the examinations and the procedure put me at ease and his personality and expertise made it very easy for me to make the decision.

I would like to thank all of you. I highly recommend the services of Premier G. Med Health Centre to all patients who have similar symptoms.   

Mária V.

I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition in 2015 via an ultrasound examination. After a cytological and scintigraphic evaluation, my physicians proposed surgery because the nodule in my thyroid kept growing. My endocrinologist informed me of the possibility of radiofrequency ablation. It is a cut-free, ambulatory surgery, so I was very glad to hear about it. At the consultation, Professor Pál Ákos Deák MD found that I was eligible for surgery. I could read everything that I could find online about the procedure. Based on my ‘research’ and the information I received at the Health Centre I decided to go along with the procedure.

Very soon I was notified about the time and date of the surgery. Although I was somewhat worried about the procedure, it proved to be unnecessary. The physicians and the assistants were very kind and helpful and they put me at ease before the procedure started. The environment where I was waiting for the surgery was above par and all my concerns were gone.

The professor performed the operation according to the highest standards, I felt absolutely no pain. The preparation and the procedure took about one hour. When I left the operating room, I was asked to relax for two hours, I had some pudding and I could leave for my country home.

Following the procedure and the first follow-up examination, I must say that I made the right decision. There was a small bruise at the site where the needle was introduced, but in one week it disappeared without a trace. I felt absolutely no pain during or after the procedure. I have been to the follow-up examination one month after the procedure, and my lab results are good. My body started to absorb the damaged tissue of the nodule.

I am utterly satisfied with the environment and the work of the Professor, and I would like to thank the whole team and express my gratitude.

I highly recommend this procedure to everybody who has the opportunity to try it.

My story starts with the appointment I made with the Health Centre at the end of winter. When I arrived, everybody was very kind and helpful, the professor examined me thoroughly and the explained the procedure in detail. We had a very nice chat and I decided that providing my lab tests allow it, I will return to your Centre and have the procedure. Luckily there was no problem, and finally on May 10 I had the surgery. 🙂 Many asked if I was afraid when I told them about the procedure. Surprisingly I had no fears or doubts as everything was clearly explained to me and a friend of my mine earlier had had the exact same procedure and she told me that everything was all right.

The receptionist and the assistants were really nice, patient and helpful before the surgery. The surgery took about 1 hour, during which I fell asleep a few times, everything worked like a charm. I relaxed for an hour after the procedure then I was allowed to go home.

The professor was very kind, too, and while we were waiting to receive the discharge summary, he came up to me, asked me how I was feeling and reassured me that the surgery had been successful.

I felt perfect as if I had had no surgery at all.

The next day I could remove the bandage from my neck. I saw two 2-3 mm long incisions on my neck which completely disappeared in about a week. I had a temperature one or two evening, but it was normal and I had been informed that it might happen. And that was all.

One month later I went to a follow-up examination. Both the professor and I were very happy to see the ultrasound results: the nearly 4-cm long nodule in my thyroid had shrunk to less than 2 cm. The surgery was a complete success, if need be, I would choose this option again. I believe this is what a 5-star service looks like.

Thank you for everything and I wish you a beautiful summer.

Best regards,

Edit P.

The procedure was performed on my rather large thyroid nodule. I saw the positive change as soon as the next morning, at the very beginning of the recovery period. I was physically relieved, the suffocating feeling, the obstruction in my throat was gone. “I could breathe again” to put it simply. During the procedure I felt no pain, and besides the hematoma on the puncture site I had no other symptoms following the surgery, I did not even have a temperature. Recovery took 4 days, then I could resume my normal activities.

Before the surgery I used to croak and caw and cough all through the day. For about half a year I had had catarrh, in my nose, throat and bronchia. After the surgery all my organ cleared up and the symptoms have not recurred ever since. The incessant fatigue that characterized my days was gone, and I feel fully recharged.

I would like to thank Professor Deák and all his colleagues for their expertise and the great service I received. I am a musician and I was particularly glad that I did not have to skip a single singing practice.

(Kornélia Cs.)

As I promised, I would like to summarize the experience I had with the RFA treatment.

A few years ago I had problems with my thyroid. In a relatively short time, I developed large nodules on either side of the gland. First I had no symptoms apart from the aesthetic concerns, so I had the nodules checked regularly but I did not seek to find a permanent solution. By the end of 2016, however, the nodules had grown too big and I could not ignore them any longer. On the right side there was a 7 centimetre long nodule, while on the left a 5 centimetre long one, and a few smaller ones. The endocrinologist of Bajcsy Hospital in Budapest recommended removing the thyroid gland on both sides and a lifelong hormone treatment. He also said that RFA treatment was out of the question. Luckily I refused to accept his proposal and I contacted Premier Med Health Centre. After the necessary examinations I received the RFA treatment first on my right and then on the left thyroid gland. The procedure took place in a classy environment and was performed quickly and painlessly. I had to cool my neck area for two days with ice gel, but that was all I had to do. The puncture mark disappeared in a few days. Due to the large size of the nodules and the proximity of the vessels the treatment affected only 90% of the area concerned.

The results were visible in a very short time, the thyroid glands on both sides started to shrink. The RFA treatment cuts off the blood flow to the treated areas and that is how the absorption process starts.  Every month the nodules shrunk by 1 cm.  When the treated parts will be fully absorbed, I will probably need a third treatment. This will take place next year. Seeing how much the nodules have shrunk, I believe it was a very good idea to choose this procedure. The other alternative would have been removing my thyroid followed by a long and painful recovery, and then taking hormones until the end of my life – I did not want any of that and I am glad I could avoid it.


Károly P.

Dear Staff of Premier G. Med Health Centre Thyroid and Fibroadenoma Department,

I found you on the internet, and I am very happy I did.

A 4 cm by 5 cm benign nodule had been found in my thyroid gland and when I heard about this procedure I knew at once that I want to get rid of it! I read thoroughly how the procedure is performed. I was not at all afraid so I quickly made the arrangements for the surgery.

I can speak about the procedure and what took place after only in the highest terms. I did not feel pain either during or after the procedure. One day later you may as well forget about the whole procedure, because you feel totally fine. There a 5 mm incision on my neck, of course I put ice on it as I was told to.

Thank you very much for your professional attitude, I am happy to say I made the right decision.

Lots of thanks:  Hajnalka H.


“I had had two traditional thyroid surgeries and several complications. Later the nodule grew back and another procedure became unavoidable. I could not agree to have another traditional surgery. That was when I found Premier Med Health Centre. Following a thorough preliminary examination, radiofrequency ablation seemed the optimal solution. The procedure was performed by Pál Ákos Deák MD.

The preparation, the procedure and the short convalescence took approximately 4 hours. During this time we enjoyed the attention of the physician, the nurses and the assistants in the well-equipped, comfortable institute.

At the follow-up examination my results were better than expected.

I would like to thank Professor Deák and his colleagues!

Mrs H. Györgyné