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The Privacy policy applies to all personal data or material shared on the website.

  1. Intellectual property rights

3.1. The content provided by Premier G. Med Eü. Kft.

Premier G. Med Eü. Kft. is the holder of all the copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights belonging to materials (eg. texts and pictures) published by Premier G. Med Eü. Kft., or such materials are published on the website with the permission of the holder of the rights.

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3.2. Content provided by the Users of the website

User expressly states that they are the author of the material they upload or have the relevant rights (that is, they received permission from the holder of the rights) to publish the material (eg. pictures, videos) on the website.

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We hereby inform you that Premier G. Med Eü. Kft. may decide about the use of the content at its own discretion, and it is also possible that Premier G. Med Kft has already developed or acquired similar content from alternative sources, in which case all intellectual property rights concerning the content belong to Premier G. Med Kft, or to the person entitled to those rights.

  1. Liability

Premier G. Med Eü. Kft. makes every effort in order to ensure that all materials on the website are accurate and in order to avoid confusion. Premier G. Med Eü. Kft disclaims all liability for any direct (computer failure) or indirect (lost profit) damage resulting from any inaccurate information, confusion, the inaccessibility of the site or other event. User agrees to use the materials found on the website solely at their own responsibility.

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If the User has an external website and would like to create a link to the present website, Premier G. Med Eü. Kft. has no objection, providing that the User gives the exact home page URL of the present site (deep linking is not allowed) and in no way creates the impression that Premier G. Med Eü. Kft. supports or is connected with User’s site. “Framing” or similar solutions are forbidden, and the User is obliged to ensure that the link to the website opens in a new window.

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The operator of the present website is Premier G. Med Egészségügyi Kft. (registered office: 1026 Budapest, Hidász u.1.; tax number; 25365801-1-41Company registration number: 01-09-270966, registered by the Budapest Metropolitan Court of Registration).

Should you have any question or feedback in connection with the website, please do not hesitate to contact us via (i) email at info@premiermed.hu, (ii) telephone at 06 1 391 4030 or (iii) post at 1026 Budapest, Hidász u.1.

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