Radiofrequency procedure: thyroid surgery without cuts

Radiofrequency ablation we perform has been in use since the early 2000s and has proved efficient in the treatment of different tumours. RFA is a procedure without cuts, during which a fine needle is introduced into the tumour. The needle is then heated and the increased temperature results in the destruction of the tumour cells. As a full and complete procedure it is an alternative to open surgery.

In Central and Eastern Europe PremierMed is the only place where the benign nodules of the thyroid are treated with radiofrequency ablation without an open surgery.

Removing the thyroid nodules without open surgery is a no-cut solution. As the thyroid remains, the procedure does not mean a drastic change for the body; the puncture leaves no visible mark on the frontal neck, making the procedure gentle and aesthetically rewarding. 

The greatest advantage of this innovative, state-of-the-art procedure is that it minimizes risks and you do not need to go under anaesthesia. You can spend the short convalescent period in a most comfortable environment and due to the fast recovery, you can resume your normal life very soon, and the post-operative care thorough and free of charge.

The procedure is performed under sterile conditions. Local anaesthetic will be applied on your skin above the puncture. The surface of the thyroid will also be anesthetized. Then the physician introduces the fine needle into the desired area, then warms it up and the heat will destroy the cells of the thyroid nodule. During the procedure you are not likely too feel any pain.

The preparations, the procedure and postoperative care (bandaging, control examinations) will take approximately one hour.

If you do not experience any discomfort and your physician approves, you may leave the health centre after an hour of relaxation. We recommend that a family member or friend escort you home.