Doctor of internal medicine, endocrinologist

I was graduated in 1999, Budapest. After finishing a short anaesthesiology and intensive therapy professional training, I worked at the University of Semmelweis 3rd Internal Medicine Clinic from 2001 to 2020. During this time I completed specializations in internal medicine and then endocrinology. In 2014 I took a diabetology special examination. At the 3rd Internal Medicine Clinic, I was responsible for graduate and post-graduate medical training in both Hungarian and English. From 2009 as well as being the head of the endocrinology inpatient department, I also worked in the clinic’s outpatient surgery, first working in lipidology, then diabetes and endocrinology.

My main interest is in the area of type 2 diabetes, while in the field of endocrinology I specialize in thyroid disease.