Dr. Doros Attila Ph.D.


Interventional radiologist, radiologist, associate professor

I was graduated from Semmelweis University in 1991 and then I became a specialist in 1995. I got my PhD in 2010. In recent decades, I have gained experience in ultrasound and CT diagnostics, performing ultrasound and CT-guided sampling, biopsies, aspirations, and minimally invasive treatments. My main area of ​​interest is the diagnosis and treatment of tumors, especially the liver, other abdominal organs and thyroid. Our clinical team has one of the greatest experience in targeted destructional therapy (with radiofrequency – RFA, and microwave – MW ablation) and treatments performed trough veins (embolization-TAE and chemoembolization-TACE), by setting up indications, evaluating treatment options and tracking treatment outcomes.

These methods are used with results in cases of benign deteriorations, such as e.g. benign thyroid deterioration.